Guided visits

Saint-Étienne-du-Mont church displays a harmonious and original blend of Gothic and Renaissance artwork. Built in the 1530s, its choir screen, a unique feature in Paris, brings a brilliant testimonial, located between a choir in flamboyant gothic style and a façade in French-Italian style. It also houses the relics of Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris. As such, in addition to being a parish church, it is also a pilgrimage site. And finally, being located in the heart of the “Latin quarter” makes it a missionary hub for college youngsters and university students. Among the most famous of these is Frédéric Ozanam, who founded at the beginning of the nineteenth century the first conference of the Saint-Vincent de Paul Society.

Registered as a historical monument, it is wide open to visitors. The local chapter of the “Art, Culture et Foi” (ACF) association periodically sets up guided visits.

 Oncoming visits

For all visits, the meeting point is under the organ at 3.00 pm.

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ACF Contact : M. Parsy, via the parish phone line : 01 43 25 38 49